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John Quinlan Terry is an architect, born in Hampstead, London. Born in 1937, he studied at Bryanston school in Dorset, and the architectural association in london.  He then went on to learn from Raymond Erith who was a leading classical architect. He also has a son who is an architect too:Francis Terry.

quinlan terry sketching
quinlan terry sketching

Typically Terry specialises in the palladian architectural style. You can see more info about this in the book called:  Radical Classicism: The Architecture of Quinlan Terry which puts a s[ptlight on his architectural style , and the classical design form. 

quinlan terry buildings

His first work was in kings waldenbury in hertfordshire in 1971. This building was super unfashionable in the early 70s as people were enjoying post modern designs, and this large classical structure was somewhat out of style at this time, but we can guarantee that it looks great today!

He then went onle design the Maitland Robinson Library at Cambridge University  in 19094, which he won a design award for. To add to this, he then went on to design a wing of brentwood cathedral in Essex. The original building is in the english baroque style, but the Terry structure is once again in the classical style, it was a conscious decision to stray away from the original design and go different for the new building. 

quinlan terry richmond riverside

You may know that Terry designed the richmond riverside. As you can see the original place has evidence of italianate, georgian, 18th venturi designed. They had to be re-fronted as part of a conservation effort. This is where Quinlan terry architects came in. It is a lot more difficult to fit in than you would think – making something look like it has been there for 200 years is a pretty big tall. 

Interestingly, i think there is something a little bit european about this riverside, perhaps it is the classicism, looking like it could be a french or italian town. 

higham house quinlan terry

Higham hall is actually the home of Quinlan Terry. As you can guess , it is classical architecture at its finest. This structure has doric columns and elements as well as arches and grand sash windows. It was built in 1811. 

Terry also has a good relationship with Prince Charles, and he was appointed his head architect. It is not directly confirmed when the Higham house was constructed.

The facade is actually the only classic thing about it , interestingly, once you come into the house this part of it was made in the 127 th century or earlier. 

This area of higham has many Tudor properties, and was an interesting place for buildings and architecture in itself. 

quinlan terry bibury

Bibury court is another fantastic looking english house. Also designed by Terruy in the classic style, this country house is a prime example of classicism. Itn 2016 it was up for sale, in excess of £17.5 million. Not bad! In addition to the house it also has land, a swimming pool, areas to farm and much more including a private fishing river and other amenities. This includes an ancient dovecote, and stables. 

quinlan terry houses for sale

It can be quite rare to find a terry house for sale. As you just saw, the bilbury home is available to you for a very cheap £17.5 million. This being said some of these homes have not even gone under the hammer yet, so it remains to be said. 

quinlan terry drawings

Find some quinlan terry drawings on his website here, this is generally one of the first steps in architectural practice. Drawing and sketching are super important when it comes to collaborating with builders, as wellas planners and the client. 

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