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Peter Kellow

Managing Director at Traditional Architecture
Qualifications - RIBA BA BArch
Founder of CIAT MKTA
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Traditional Architecture is a distinguished architectural firm specializing in the art of traditional design. Founded by Peter Kellow, a renowned architect with a passion for classic aesthetics, our firm blends historical elegance with modern functionality. With expertise in residential, commercial, and summer house designs, we bring a unique perspective to every project. Committed to sustainable practices and the preservation of architectural heritage, Traditional Architecture stands as a beacon of excellence in traditional design and craftsmanship. Our work reflects a deep respect for historical styles, innovatively adapted to meet contemporary needs and environmental considerations.

Peter Kellow is the heart and mind behind Traditional Architecture is a respected figure in the realm of traditional design. With a rich academic background from Bristol University and extensive experience as a partner in a London architectural practice Peter's expertise in traditional styles is unparalleled. He has served as the Communications Secretary for the Traditional Architecture Group and is a member of prestigious organizations like INTBAU and CEU. An elected brother of the Art Workers Guild in London, Peter is not only a visionary architect but also an influential speaker and author, deeply committed to the preservation and innovation of traditional architecture.


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