Sustainability in architecture

smart growth

We promote smart growth in urban planning, and believe that sustainability plays an integral role in today’s buildings and structures. The traditional architecture team love to work with nature, and find it not a challenge but something that is super exciting. There is something palpable when we are working with mother nature, and not against her. 

traditional architecture

We create. We collaborate. We play. Architecture is all about the planning and creation of beautiful buildings with sustainable development in mind. We love doing things with a purpose and drive. The buildings we resonate with, resonate with us. Trad Architecture Group also connect with the community and have worked for charity projects. 

Sustainable design is all that we should be thinking about right now. Nothing else should be entertained. This is why we specialise in eco design and ecological sustainable architecture

For this sustainability to work, we also need to include this in the suburbs. Urban design is one of the places that breakthroughs can be made in sustainability, and design. There is potential to make a huge difference to people’s lives.

I studied when postmodern architecture was at its prime. I know a lot of people do not like it, but there are certain aspect of how they approached residential properties. This is where I got into the principles of intelligent urbanism. The formulation of city planning and residential complexes needs a reformation in order to be sustainable. 

blue georgian house
georgian street house
brick traditional architecture house
georgian property made of stone