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Adam architecture, ah yes . Where do we start with this fantastic architect? Specialising in classical and traditional architecture , they use this to their advantage while combining the elements of contextual urban design. 

Based in Winchester and London, this company has been around since 1955, which is quite a while in the world of interiors. The name at this time was actually Evans, Roberts and Partners. As this was the name of the founding architects. Robert Adam joined the company in 1977. It subsequently changed to ADAM architecture in 2010.

They also work on Master Planning and urban development, specialising in sustainable design, and harmonious development and extensions. They have worked on extending areas of Cornwall and Newquay, Nansledan. Building homes in a way that benefits, and works with the existing structures is really the only way to build homes. Sadly , a fact not too many people know. 

Where has ADAM architecture worked?

They have worked in a range of places ranging from the uil and ,amu p[laces in the uk, as well as indiana, japan , USA and europe. Basically everywhere. They were awarded the driehaus architecture prize in 2017 which is a heavily renowned architecture prize in the architecture world. 

Projects they have worked on:

  • Sackler library - Oxford

A brilliant looking library adding to the bodleian library of oxford university, which was founded in 1602. This is one of the oldest standing libraries in the world. It has all of the classical elements, and the traditional architecture of other areas of london. 

This library is available to visit, and use but is still owned by oxford university. 

  • Millennium Gate - Atlanta

The gate is a triumph arch in georgia atlanta. It celebrates peace and accomplishment. Completed in 2008 this project cost around 20$ million dollars. It is also the entrance to the museum of atlanta. 

milenium gate
milenium gate
  • Stocks house renovation - Hertfordshire

Stock's manor is a georgian mansion built in 1773. It is the largest property in the village. It was actually visited by the famous scottish poet Sir Walter scott. In addition  , the reconstruction of it was done by ADAM architecture, which is part of the Traditional architecture group. 

  • William wake house - northampton

This is one of the largest new classical buildings in 50 years. This building actually is a healthcare facility in northamptonshire. 

  • RAF bentley priory - london

This is new housing designed by ADAM architecture, as well as this this is more residential and therefore slightly more modern and functional than some of the other projects that have been undertaken by the architecture company

  • Western Harbor - Leith

This too is a larger project, a residential property on the western harbor of leith, edinburgh. Started in 2004, this project is due to be completed in 2020. 

In addition to Adam architects, there are other a\rchiecture firms associated with the traditional architecture group. Such as Quinlan terry, another famous traditional architect. 

classical architects

In this day and age of the 21st century classical architectus are perhaps more rare than modern, or other styles, so it is important to recognise them and their achievements. Classical architecture is directly influenced by Greelk and Roman architecture of the past. It can actually almost all be traced back to one Roman architect  Vitruvius. 

This style was re-populated around 18th century Europe with richer circles and structures. You can often see examples of classical architecture in grand country homes and folly. 


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